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    Web site design company with a background in print design, fine art, and illustration. Mini-sit… Morees about toys, comix, doodles, fun.
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    Participants stack and unstack 12 specially designed plastic cups in pre-determined sequences. … MoreThis organization promotes the standardization and advancement of the sport worldwide. Includes news, rules, event list, records, results, and related links.
    From the site: Stacks is the world’s largest supplier of sport stacking products. … World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) promotes the standardization and advancement of sport stacking worldwide. This association serves as the governing body for sport stacking rules and regulations and provides a uniform framework for sport stacking events; sanctions sport stacking competitions and records. …
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    A new extreme fitness device giving the same effect as a trampoline with the convenience of inl… Moreine skating. Has gallery of parts, functions, and adjustment.
    From the site: We are a young, rapidly-growing company in the sports equipment field; and right now, production and distribution of the PowerSkip is keeping us very busy. Due to a licens contract we hold rights at the international announced PowerSkip Patents . The ensuring of our rights and therefore the securing of our high quality and safety standards for this new sport is a further task of our company. …
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    Dodgeball community site with forums and articles…. More
    From the site: Submitted by dodgeballer on Tue, 06/15/2004 – 01:25. This site is about connecting dodgeball players through the internet and providing a forum to advance the sport of dodgeball. Beyond that, it’s for you to define.
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    Stunt pogo tips. Includes a guide for those choosing a pogo stick including stick reviews, how … Moreto modify a stick, how to repair a stick. Features stunt photos and videos and a forum.
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    A community site consisting of a forum, gallery, and video section with articles, and links to … Morevendors.
    From the site: Please Register an account in order to make full use of … The forum allows you to take part in discussion with other users of The Forum is split into different categories (for example “Purchasing Powerisers”) and then into different boards (for example “Where to Buy”). On these boards topics and polls can be posted and replied to by any registered member. …
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    Co-ed Kickball league based in the Atlanta, GA area. Registration, league and team rules, and s… Morecores.
    From the site: GOkickball started off as a concept between friends in November of 2005. The organizers of the league (Jeff K., Steve K., Kevin B. and Dave H.) owe a special thanks to our friend Kara F. who got the ball rolling with the idea of kickball in general. Without her approaching us, this league wouldn’t have gotten off the ground and for that reason we happily refer to our season ending tournament championships as the “Friedman Cup” in her honor. …
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    Offers kickball in the DC metro area and a variety of social events around DC…. More
    From the site: One of the winning teams from our most recent Beerlympics event. NAKID began in the same way many of Shakespeare’s works did – in a bar. A few kickballers were unsatisfied with the league they were in, so they took matters in their own hands and formed a new league. As adults, it’s sometimes difficult to meet new people, so we exist to provide a fun and social environment where hundreds of people can meet and share a laugh. …
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    NADA official website. League information, and tournament dates…. More
    From the site: Place this image in your website with a link to
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    The FBA promotes visually dramatic bartending as a sport by hosting competitions and providing … Morerules/assistance to help foster new participants.
    From the site: In early 1997, the Flair Bartenders’ Network (FBN) was created to connect performance bartenders from around the world. The hope was to help spread the word about the 800 various competitions throughout the world, many of them being either local events or regional qualifiers of major national and international competitions. Because of the rapid growth of this new freestyle performance sport in the past five years, the FBN quickly evolved into a worldwide membership association in 1998. …
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    An online collaborative encyclopedia.
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    The IDBF was founded in 1998 to promote and organize the sport. Rules, products, and tournament… More information. Official site.
    From the site: The International Dodge Ball Federation (IDBF) was founded by Rusty Walker of Gulfport, MS in 1996 and had a web presence in 1997. The Federation actually began as a way to make the children Rusty played dodge ball with feel as though the game was a real sport instead of a schoolyard pastime. Within weeks of putting up the website, emails from around the world began arriving daily asking where to play and expressing interest in becoming members of the IDBF. …
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    Includes FAQ, tutorials, pictures, videos, modifications and a chat room.
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    Features photographs and video to explain the concept and rules of this new sport from Japan. [… MoreJapanese and English]
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    Recreational league for New York City Metro area residents.
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    News and information about leagues in the United Kingdom.
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    Denver, Colorado based adult Kickball league. Standings, team photos, registration and event in… Moreformation.
    From the site: Western Alternative Sports Association was born in Denver, CO in the fall of 2003 with just 4 adult kickball teams competing for the coveted ‘Golden Keg’. What started as a fun, social way for a bunch of friends to unwind from the daily stresses of adult life has turned into a year round beacon of hope for all adults, longing for the simpler days of their youth! We offer sports you haven’t had a chance to play since you were a geeky grade-schooler! …
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    Adult Kickball league in Washington DC. Includes a weblog, FAQ and event photographs.
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    Adult Kickball league in the Baltimore area. Rules, FAQ, and league information.
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    A site showcasing the talents of PowerBocking artists from Sweden, includes pictures and video … Morefrom previous work.

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